God + Excercise = Success?

Ever since reading, The Shack, I’ve been challenging myself to get to know the Holy Spirit more and incorporating Him/Her into my prayer life.  So oddly enough the opportunity arose today as I was preparing to work out.

I like to workout at best six days a week which means in actuality it’s closer to five days and four days on a bad week.  For whatever reason, this summer I’ve completely fallen off the band wagon and haven’t really worked out at all.  But the summer isn’t over yet and I’m the type of person who chases after the band wagon, hops aboard, picks up my instrument and continue where he left off.  Except this terrible habit I have.  It’s called procrastinating.

Procrastinating as it manifests itself in my life looks something like this:  I should work out soon, but you’re supposed to wait a few hours after eating to get the best carb burn.  So I’ll do some work instead in the the mean time.  Hmmm, before I work I REALLY need to clean off my desk.  And since I’ve organized all these papers, I really should pay the bills and then file them.  And before I work I should make a playlist to help motivate me.  So three-four hours later I’m done playlisting, cleaning, working, and ready to workout.  Except I keep finding myself doing little things to keep me from working out.

Suddenly I’m checking Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, MSN, Pajiba you name it.  I finally turn the computer off, head to the living room (the only large enough space to workout) and just as I’m ready to work out I have the compulsion to clean off the stack of DVDs by the TV, go check on my plant outside, clean off the couch, and vacuum.  It began to make me feel a little manic, all the things that kept popping into my head.  And I got the feeling like it wasn’t just me not wanting to work out.  It felt like someone/something was purposefully keeping me distracted.  Like I kept hitting a wall every time I was ready to work out. 

So I prayed.  I asked to the Holy Spirit to help not be distracted, kick the manic out of my head, and let me focus on the workout.  As soon as I prayed those words the distractions went away, I felt calm and grounded, and I got right to working out.

I’ve never prayed to God in an exercise context before. But I believe that God wants to be involved in all aspects of my life.  And working out/health is a big deal to me because if I’m the temple of God then I should keep myself as healthy as possible.  And the Holy Spirit is the comforter, the God-within all of us, so I figured I needed some action and motivation and boy did I get it!

I’m glad I’m on this journey to figure out the Holy Spirit.  The more open I am to her influence the better my life will be.  Plus I need help finding the motivation some days to start working out, to push through the last miles, to do the full set, etc.  And to have God with me will make the working out that much more fulfilling.

This probably won’t be the last time I blog about the Holy Spirit.  I’m thinking this might be my next series of blog posts.  So any feedback you have feel free to leave in the comment section.  I look forward to dialoguing on this topic.


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