Get Off Your Ass and Run!

Being an amateur runner I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my routine, different ideas for keeping running “fun”, and finding motivation to keep at it.  With a title like, Get Off Your Ass and Run!, Ruth Field definitely catches your eye.  And her style of writing is very blunt, which is good when you’re trying to motivate people to leave the couch and run for 45 minutes.

RunApparently she has a well-known blog, The Grit Doctor, where she gives blunt advice on running and life.  She’s taken this persona and put it in a book.  If I were new to running I would’ve really liked her approach.  She says it like it is, doesn’t use a lot of science to back up what she says.  Instead she uses life experiences and the experiences of others to prove what runners all know, that it’s good for you.

She does give an outline for starting a running routine and even how to turn that into a 10k routine.  I liked her paired down approach to getting fit.  She starts with just getting out the door and walking.  Then some jogging is added to the walk.  The jogging is extended and soon you’re jogging/running the whole route.   Then it’s up to you to work out speed and distance.  She recommends three to five days a week (I personally can only do three. Otherwise my body revolts).  Finally she discusses food.

Like her, I think too many people start with food and choose to exercise later.  But it won’t work that way.  Our bodies are designed to store as much energy as possible and energy exertion is a “stress”.  So anytime your body can avoid working out, it’s going to come up with all the excuses you can think.  So if you’re waiting until your diet is healthy, you won’t ever get out the door to exercise.  If you flip this model, the food will sort itself out.  Once you’ve got a good routine down, your appetite won’t be as strong, and your body will start to automatically crave more of the good foods.  Also, you’ll be burning more calories so any bad foods you do eat won’t have as much impact.

So if you need a good refresher for running, or need some one to get you off the couch and out the door I highly recommend this book.


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