Saga, Volume 3

The third installment of the Saga quest was, different, shall we say from the previous two.  Saga 3It’s the middle-child of the group, I guess you could say.  Continuing the story of Alana and Marko and their quest to keep their daughter, Hazel safe from the clutches of their warring governments, Volume 3 pauses the forward momentum of the plot and take sometime to give background to many of the characters that we have been introduced to in Volumes 1, 2.

The Brand is still trying to hunt them down while Marko’s ex-girlfriend, Gwendolyn, has met up with The Brand in her quest to bring home Marko to face justice.  The Brand is still recovering from the loss of a loved and a friendship/alliance forms between he and Gwendolyn.  Together they try to rehabilitate Sophie, the child sex-slave The Brand rescues from Sextilion.  However complications ensue when all is not as it appears on their planet.  Because who ever thought there were happy endings when space has become as dystopic as Earth is/was/will be.

Next to take up the chase for Alana and Marko is Prince Robot IV.  At first I thought this species was just a humorous gag the writers threw in, but in this volume they’ve done a good job showing the complexities the Robots have.  Imagine humans with blue-tinted skin, but with TV sets for heads.  Their thoughts and emotions are mirrored on the screens, and they can change their hands into weapons or anything they’d like.  The Robot kingdom is allied with Landfall against their enemies from Wreath.  But IV is getting disenchanted with the war.  And his back story and personality start to make readers realize he’s more complex than a first reading might reveal.

I can’t go much further into the plot without spoiling it.  And that would be a travesty.  So if you’ve made it through volumes 1, 2, keep reading!  Just realize the pace slows down, but only so the characters become even more developed and endearing to the readers.


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