Saga, Volume 4

I haven’t followed a series as intently as I have Saga.  Luckily I started reading them after several of the volumes were published (I don’t know how I would’ve found the patience otherwise).  As with any good series, some parts are better than others, but all the parts make up an amazing whole.

Saga 4We left off Saga in Volume 3 with Alana and Marko running for their lives followed by assassins and Robot royalty (I swear it’s not a meth induced dream).  In Volume 4 they have found relative safety (but it’s a series, so clearly conflict has to find them in someway).  However, the conflicts in Volume 4 come from within.  The characters take a break from chasing each other and have to face demons (not literal) closer to home.  Marko and Alana have moved passed the “honeymoon” phase of their relationship, the Robot Prince faces political conflicts, and The Brand faces a life-altering conflict.  Good thing is that we see more of who they are as people and what they are capable of.  We also get to meet new people, which I’ll be vague about to protect the plot.

I am still not sure how I feel about some of the internal conflicts; some feel a little put-on, but I’m giving Vaughan and Staples the benefit of the doubt that they know what they’re doing.  What I do know is that Vaughan and Staples have continued to balance the plot and character development and not only keep their current fan base interested, but also building the plot so that new readers feel like they are also learning new things along with the tried-and-true.

While Volume 4 is a little heavy, I still think it’s a good read.


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