The Dark Disciple

With the Star Wars: Episode VII premiering in December, I thought it might be time to tap into my nerd-side.  I have some coworkers who read the Star Wars books when they were younger and talked about the relationship between the books and the films, so why not launch into a new series for the new year?  Things got complicated from the get go.  When Disney acquired Star Wars’ rights, they re-hauled the cannon and aligned the movies, tv shows, and new books to tell the story based solely on the movies that have been released and those that are in pre-production.  This means that there’s now what’s called “cannon” aka everything since Disney bought the rights, and “legends” aka what was written prior to Disney’s acquisition.  I decided for now to stick with the cannon and then venture over into the legends realm.
Dark Disciple is the first book in the cannon, but is not first chronologically.  Phantom DiscipleMenance (film), Attack of the Clones (film), and The Clone Wars (TV) all come before it.  But the story picks up before Revenge of the Sith (film).  I’ve seen the movies but not the tv series.  Incidentally, I’ve now gone full bore and launched into the 6 seasons show.  I may never find my way out of all of this.  Back to the book.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. Maybe because I lowered my expectations that I liked it so much. I figured this wasn’t going to be a work of high literature, but I was looking for something was entertaining, world building, and with good, sincere character building.  I didn’t want anything too pretentious.  Luckily, that’s what this is.
It’s an entertaining read, not too thought provoking, but that was a good thing. It’s Star Wars after all.  Not Aristotle.  However, that’s not to say there weren’t any discussion points along the way.  One of the more prominent is what is good and what is bad?  And how much bad do we need to exhibit before there’s no coming back?  Can good dabble in bad and still be good?  But none of this felt put upon.  I think I saw it mostly because that’s what I do for a living is to find meaning from everything, whether it’s meaningful on purpose or not.
Overall, it’s well written enough that neither the plot nor the characters distracted me from enjoying this read. I didn’t like how the love interest interfered towards the end, but any damage was avoided in the end. Some of the background characters were flat, but not annoying.  Anakin, who annoys the hell out of me, was kept very far in the background.  If only the same could be said for Episodes I, II, and III.

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