Reading, “Room” was one of the most intense reads I’ve experienced. This is one of the few cases in which I’m glad I saw the movie first so I was prepared for what happens in the book.That being said, seeing the movie doesn’t lessen any of the action in the book.  I knew the outcome of their escape attempt, yet I couldn’t help willing Jack to get up in run in my head while reading.  Very rarely do the book and the movie both come close to telling the same story with the same

I read for entertainment and escapism. This is why I don’t tend to read a lot of mystery or horror. Knowing that “Room” was about kidnapping, rape, and captivity, I was reluctant to give it a go. After finishing it, I am glad I read it, although I don’t see myself returning to it again. The writing is well done, particularly the point-of-view, first-person limited.

Making the narrator the five year old, Jack, helps lessen some of the more intense moments of the book because they are filtered through someone who doesn’t know “bad”. Once he and Ma escape, it was fascinating to see the world, “Outside”, through his eyes. Towards the end of the book I thought the pacing became bogged down in the frustrating anecdotes between he and his grandma, but once he and Ma are reunited the pace picked up. The closing scene is particularly moving. All in all this is a good book, just be aware the first half of the book is quite intense.

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