Saga, Vol. 7

Every time a new volume of Saga comes out, it turns into a race between my wife and I to see who can check it out first from the library.  She beat me this time.  Luckily, she’s good enough not to react too vocally to what’s happening so that by the time I have a chance to read it, there’s not a lot I feel I can predict.Saga

Vol. 7 is getting the plot back on track. I had a complaint about this regarding Vol. 6. After several volumes of meandering through several plot lines, they are all starting to converge again. In this case, we meet The Will, Gwendolyn, Marcos, et al. The seeds have been sown for an interesting turn of events in respect to the Landfallians and Wreath. We learn that the war is becoming more complex and people are starting to be seen as either resources or liabilities. Hazel is starting to assert herself in the story and I’m enjoying getting to know her. I hope she’s as prominent in future volumes.

The underlying message of this volume seemed to be the collateral damage between warring parties. In this case it’s the people of Phang, who are also Sophie’s people too. On this comet, innocent people are ignored by Landfall and Wreath in their quest to maintain control of the fuel resources. In a twist dramatic irony, we learn that Landfall and Wreath do agree on something and this becomes the climax of the volume. I’m curious to see how these threads will play out. I feel like the plot can either begin to wrap up, or we’re about to embark on a new plot line. Either way, I’m in for the journey.


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